School Age

DSCF2692 (1)Our lower level school age classes are held after school prior to 4.30pm and on Saturdays and Sundays between 9am and 12pm.  These classes are 20 minutes in duration with a maximum of 4 students.  Once children progress to our mini Tasman class the class is increased to 1/2 hour.

Our length swimming classes utilise the whole pool with up to 3 instructors.   We focus on technique with feedback being a pivotal part of the lesson. We take your children from water confidence right through to mastering the skills needed to progress to a club, or other aquatic pursuits.



Beginner   – School Age
Class level:
 Complete beginner. Can’t put face in the water.
Aim of the class: To gain water confidence and increase immersion ability.    Aided front and back float.

Beginner -confident   – School Age
Class Level:
 Is confident putting face in water and completely submerging.
Aim of the class: To develop the ability to and back float for 3-5 seconds.

Float/Glide   – School Age
Class Level:
 Can float back and front assisted, submerge unaided and to glide with the board (face in).
Aim of the class: To development unaided floating and unaided gliding.

Kick   – School Age
Class Level: Must be able to free float front and back and to be able to glide in a freestyle shape for 2m,  standing up unassisted.
Aim of the class: Introduce freestyle and back stroke kick.

Stroking   – School Age
Class Level:
 Demonstrate 3-4 m of effective Freestyle kick in good streamline position.
Aim of the class: Develop arm strokes to a competent standard with the ability to exhale during this process.  Continue to develop backstroke kick.

Beginner Breather   – School Age
Class Level: Can propel through the water using 6 arm strokes and an effective kick with sound body position.
Aim of the class: Introduce breathing technique and build capacity in Freestyle. Strengthen backstroke kick.

Breather   – School Age
Class Level: Can swim 15m Freestyle unaided.
Aim of the class: Build strength and correct technique in Freestyle.  Introduce Backstroke arms.

Advanced Breather   – School Age
Class Level:
 Can swim 100m Freestyle .
Aim of the class: To develop correct Freestyle breathing timing, consistency in Freestyle and  to increase distance capability.  Continue to develop Backstroke.

 Mini Tasman   – School Age
Class Level: Can swim 300m freestyle, have a good understanding of backstroke.
Aim of the class: To improve Freestyle and Backstroke skills.  To introduce dolphin kick,  starts and turns.

Tasman   – School Age
Class Level:
 Can swim 400m freestyle, developing backstroke and have a basic understanding of dolphin Kick.
Aim of the class: Refine Freestyle and Backstroke technique.  Introduction to Breastroke kick and Butterfly arm strokes. Continue to develop starts and turns.

Atlantic   – School Age
Class Level: Should be able to swim (500m)  Freestyle, be competent in  Backstroke and have a good understanding of  Breaststroke. and Butterfly kick. Introduce bilateral breathing.
Aim of the class: Increase freestyle and backstroke capability and to continue to develop Breastroke and Butterfly skills. Continue to develop starts and turns.

Pacific   – School Age
Class Level:
 Should be able to swim (600m)  Freestyle,  be competent in  Backstroke and have basic Breaststroke. and Butterfly skills.
Aim of the class: Increase freestyle and backstroke capability and to continue to develop Breastroke and Butterfly skills. Further development of starts and turns.

Stroke Development   – School Age – 3/4 hour lesson

Class Level: Can swim 800m Freestyle, competent in backstroke and is developing Breastroke and Butterfly
Aim of the class: Refining all four strokes, starts and turns.

Junior Squad   – School Age – 3/4 hour lesson

Senior Squad   – School Age – 3/4 hour lesson

Supa Squad   – School Age – 1 hour lesson